Whether the wedding is sophisticated, high fashion, whimsical or traditional… The salon performs. Large groups or small, the entire staff is prepared to assist in making your special day flawless and enjoyable. From Bridal Showers, to rehearsal day manicures, pedicures, and blowdry’s — to the big day itself — the salon’s highly trained specialists and technicians are there to assist. Every Bride is interviewed months in advance to discover who she is… her vision… what she is comfortable with, and most important — what she wants. When clarity of vision is understood, a hair style is created based upon the bride’s interview, her dress, veil placement (if any), and of course — her hair.


Whether it be a blow-dry style, hair pinned half way up or all the way up, each and every design is as unique as the bride herself. Practice sessions are scheduled and done well in advance to ensure there are no disappointments on the big day.


Colette Hair Salon and Day Spa employs an Event/Wedding Coordinator to ensure appointments are made in a timely manner… including those all important practice sessions. The Coordinator makes sure everything runs smoothly; be it rehearsal day, spa preparations, booking manicures and pedicures for showers, to the scheduling of timely appointments on the big day itself. From large weddings to small, the salon is capable of handling, and takes great steps to ensure each bride, her family and attendants are happy, supported, and equally important, pampered and satisfied.