Colette Hair Salon & Day Spa embraces research of highly respected international companies such as Moroccanoil. These companies have independently endorsed the use of natural organic ingredients to treat hair and scalp leaving it healthy, luxurious and manageable.

The salon specializes in a variety of scalp treatments (specific treatments for oily, dehydrated, dry, sensitive irritated hair and scalp as well as treatments for weaken, color-treated, grey, dull, flat and rebellios/unruly hair.) The salon also has Furterer treatments and products for hair loss.

"Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil." — Rene Furterer

Whether you desire caramel highlights, glazed chestnut, woodsy browns or fiery reds, quality hair color is what you will experience at the hands of the Salon’s expert colorists. The salon uses several internationally known European hair color lines in order to have the right products for the right client. Framesi (from Milan, Italy) is our primary color line, and is created by professionals for professionals. The color line is known for its innovative technology that lends itself to color that can be consistently recreated time after time.

Demi-permanent and glazing are the same thing. Demi color does not penetrate the hair shaft like permanent color, but usually holds more pigment than a semi permanent color. Both gradually fade with each shampoo. Ask your hairdresser for advice.

Speaks for itself. Color is used to correct errors regardless of where/how it was done. Unfortunately, color correction can be time consuming and therefore, expensive. The process can take as much as 4 hours depending on what has happened and the condition of the hair. It is better to pay a little now than a lot later.

A system of highlighting or low lighting hair, can be used as a touch-up or a complete head from base to end in small partings. Highlights and lowlights are used to add depth and dimension to a hair style.

Sometimes referred to as "hair painting," Baliage is a process of highlighting and/or low lighting the hair using either a few strands or larger chunky sections. The color is applied by freehand and bleeds a bit onto the surrounding strands. The process can be done on the entire head or in specific area to compliment a style or draw attention to a particular area.

A semi-permanent hair treatment designed to relax the hair, provide flexibility, and make it more manageable. If your hair is wavy, it will make it look full bodied but straighter. If your hair is curly, it will relax the curl making it a bit stronger without the frizz. The salon only uses formaldehyde free formulas and carries multiple strengths to meet specific hair requirements. The treatment takes 2-3 hours to perform and lasts 3 to 4 months. The process actually is healthier for the hair as less pull is required when blow-dry straightening is needed.

Human hair extensions are designed to add length, volume, and color without the use of lightening/coloring agents. Volume, texture or extra curl can also be added. The salon uses only top quality European and Asian human hair, matching your own cuticle growth pattern contributing to a healthy, shiny, natural look. After the additions, the final step is a stylish haircut. Extensions can be cut and blended into your existing style. Our highly trained professionals are masters in their craft. Consultations are welcomed.

For those who are looking for more body or curl, perms may be the answer. Designed for those who have straight bodiless hair. The process chemically restructures the hair giving it curl and thus more body.